Semalt: Habits That Make Us Successful SEO Professionals

Working with entrepreneurs isn't always easy. As young business owners, our clients always want to know as much as they can about everything related to their business. As a result, we often get questions such as "what daily routines do you practice?" more than anyone; entrepreneurs understand that it is consistency and dedication that creates a successful business, so we understand why they need to know our routine. 

We love this question because it shows that you already have the right mindset of a successful business owner. At Semalt, we've developed good daily habits and routines that polish every member of our staff into impactful SEO professionals. Here are some tips on what we do in Semalt that make us wonder. 

Staying Updated

Just the same way you go through the newspaper every morning, we also catch up on the latest search and digital marketing news. We will read up so we can stay updated on the latest changes in the search landscape. The last thing we want to happen is to get caught off guard by indexing changes or algorithm updates that will negatively impact our clients and their websites. 

We also stay updated to learn new things. Since new SEO updates aren't released every day, reading the news can show us something new to exploit. One of the reasons why the SEO industry is so great is because people are always willing to share what they know. 

In all our local offices, the morning hours are usually filled with discussions on the latest happenings in the SEO universe alongside the regular chit-chat you get in every workplace. We also make it a habit to post the latest tips, best practices, and tools on our website so that our clients and team members can improve. 

With so many different updates out there, we sometimes use a news aggregator app that compiles all the news surrounding SEO in one place. Using this makes it easier to scroll through, read and save articles for future reference. 

Review And Prioritize Our Task List

After catching up on the latest developments, we then begin setting up for a successful day. Dealing with many websites comes with its disadvantages. If not properly organized, instructions can get jumbled up. To prevent this from happening, we have created a task list highlighting the different tasks designed for each team for that day. 

We will ensure that we consider the tasks at hand and plot a priority chat for that day. This is something we do every day, and it helps us ensure we meet up with every deadline and the most pressing / important jobs get done immediately. 

Thanks to this, we've been able to run our business successfully for years. Breaking down so many tasks into daily goals makes it easier to please all our clients as we can meet their deadlines with quality jobs done. 

Meeting Deadlines

In our line of work, it is easy to get caught up in enormous tasks set before us. While missing one deadline doesn't do much harm, we love to think of every one of our clients as if they were our only clients. That means you are our entire business, and we treat you that way. We stick to the mentality of doing what we say we will do. 

If we assure a client that we will have their keyword research done in a week, we will stick to that deadline. As young businesses, we understand how devastating a simple disappointment can be. While our goal is to get you results, we are also interested in building a relationship with you. One so strong that our clients believe they can rely on us. 

On our journey to this point, we came across some SEO professionals who lost valuable clients, and we had to let go of a few of our staff because they couldn't keep deadlines. We've developed a system that helps us stay organized, which is why you can hold us to our word. 

Communicate With Key Stakeholders

One of the most significant challenges we experience with our clients in this line of work is the fact that clients can't see SEO. That means all our efforts are nontangible until they start yielding results. If you've ever sown a seed, you will understand that because you can't see it grow doesn't mean it isn't germinating. The same logic applies to SEO because clients don't usually see the results immediately; they may panic and call that project a failure. 

For example, if we're working on setting up redirects and fixing broken links, our clients won't know what is going on until we tell them. While working hard on any project, we always make it a priority to communicate the latest developments to a client, whether good or bad. We also have our customer service team as well as a chatbot with whom our clients or website visitors can chat and learn the latest developments. This shows just how much significance we have placed in smooth communication. 

If we choose not to communicate with our clients, they will eventually panic and consider our silence as nonchalance to the task at hand. It is all thanks to constant communication that we have been able to keep clients over the years while taking on new ones. This has helped us establish great relationships with our clients and an overall good name for the Semalt brand. Of course, we do also deliver great results, and we do so transparently. 

We contact our clients at least once or twice a week to give them the latest updates on our progress on the tasks they've employed us to perform. 

Connect And Interact With Other SEO Professionals

If you can recall, we mentioned that professionals in the SEO community would love to share what they've learned. This is one of the reasons why we love what we do here at Semalt. But to learn what other experts discover, we must make a connection. Semalt is fond of speaking to other professionals and speaking with them on a regular basis. 

By building a network, we get to learn about the latest SEO developments. By building a rich network on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. These are two platforms where you will find staggering amounts of SEO professionals discussing and sharing ideas. We also look for interesting forums and groups to join. 

When we encounter difficult situations, we do ask questions on these platforms, and we are always willing to answer or contribute to matters that are discussed on these platforms. 

Reasons Why We Love SEO

To be the best, you have to love what you do, and Semalt has nothing but love for her clients and SEO itself. Here are some of the reasons why we love SEO:
  • The community: The SEO community is one of the best places to be. The wisdom and ideas that flow around at conferences would make you feel so enlightened with every encounter. 
  • SEO is always changing: SEO is inspiring and continues to develop new ideas on how to get things done. Its ever-changing nature allows us to learn new things and face new challenges every day. 
  • SEO isn't boring: While there are many adrenaline-filled activities in life, SEO changes on a daily basis giving us a new reason to wake up and get to work every morning. 
  • Helping Businesses Grow and succeed: You are one of the reasons why we do what we do so well. We enjoy helping companies create a profitable internet presence to meet the needs of their target audience.  We love watching our clients grow their business and improve the quality of their business through the internet services we provide. 


These daily routines are what we've worked with for years, and so far, it has been tremendously helpful. We hope you now understand that Semalt isn't just a name but a brand you can rely on. Our clients from all over the world stay happy because we follow these steps on a daily basis, so they know they are in perfect hands.